How do you learn Italian? By talking!

What is the best way to learn Italian? How to make studying a language an everyday communication tool?

As you know, learning a foreign language has various aspects; it is certainly crucial to study grammar and syntax, but, in order to develop more practical language skills, such as the communication, it is necessary to talk with someone so as to test oneself in conversation, in other words, to practice all the sentence structures, expressions and vocabulary that were previously acquired.


The theoretical study of the Italian language can be supported by a more practical one, which allows you to develop communication skills which, once consolidated, become important tools that can be used whenever we need. We will then be able to move with greater confidence and peace of mind in the various situations we may encounter, from the more informal ones to the work related, where a specific and sector related knowledge of vocabulary is required.

Like all modern languages, Italian is certainly not a “dead” language, on the contrary, it is an idiom that is constantly subject to the action of time, to the transformations of culture in a broad sense, to the changes in the community using the language as means of communication.

The most useful method to come into contact with Italian is therefore related to conversation. By talking with those who normally speak Italian we can develop faster our communication skills and improve all aspects related to pronunciation. Language changes over time, it is enriched with new terms and new aspects, according to the situation in which we are involved.

If we were to compare a dictionary of a few decades ago with a current one, we would doubtlessly be surprised to see that there are many new terms, neologisms, but also foreign words, which have increasingly become part of the corpus of today’s language.

You cannot learn Italian properly or completely just with a book or an online site, you need something to measure with, a dialogue, a real interaction with the world the language belongs to. The language belongs to those who speak it; it was born and developed thanks to a community of people who use it every day. A complete acquisition of a language passes inevitably through an active confrontation with the linguistic community that makes use of the language at the heart of our study.


You will learn Italian not only by following some theoretical course but also by adding to this preliminary phase an experience which takes into account the importance of practical interaction with the world of Italian by speaking the language first hand. There are many opportunities for those who want to learn how to speak in Italian in a fast and functional way.

A good Italian language school for foreigners offers a range of services, tools and very useful resources, also online, to help transform the acquisition of the language into an opportunity for confronting and testing ones language skills! If you have the opportunity to study in Italy, your problem solved! You can choose a school that can satisfy your needs by creating an appropriate study plan, combining theoretical aspects with phases of interaction and dialogue and which would ensure that once you leave the school, you would be able to confront your knowledge of the language in the very city where it has been spoken for centuries! What more could you ask for?

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