What to do to study Italian in Rome

The decision was finally taken. We had thought about it so much, we had asked ourselves a thousand questions, evaluated pros and cons of such a choice but in the end, studying Italian in Rome, in the heart of Italy, became our goal.

If we have chosen to stay in Italy for some time and learn the language but we still do not know what to do in order to study Italian at its best, nor how to orient ourselves around Rome and how to choose the school that best suits our needs, but not panic!


Looking for a school that specializes in teaching Italian and with several years of experience, up-to-date and capable of offering students specifically formulated courses while providing excellent learning environments, is a necessary step!

Searching through the Internet, we would certainly come across different results, but what to do and how to choose? We can start by consulting the websites of the various schools to try to grasp all the information we need.

What are our learning needs, or, in other words, our motivations and expectations? On the basis of these questions, it will certainly be easier to understand if the school in question can meet our needs. Learning a language is not just a simple matter of linguistics, the memorisation of syntactic and morphological aspects; learning a language means getting in touch with its more active and dynamic nature, with the life of the country where it is spoken and with the way it is used from those who speak it regularly.

For the Italian language, which certainly has aspects that may appear complex, it is necessary to have the opportunity to actively experience what we learn in class with the help of the right professionals and the right support. If we believe we we have chosen a good school, we can make contacts, introduce ourselves, specify our needs with the qualified staff and initiate a study plan.


Ok, I have chosen the school, but I still have no place where to stay! Again, let us not panic! Again, a good school also offers, for example, solutions for accommodation, or however, does not hesitate to act as an intermediary, helping you find a room, an apartment, or, if you prefer, accommodation in a family. Surely your new teachers will not hesitate to offer practical help with appropriate and precise information.

If you chose to study Italian in Rome, you will not regret it. If you should prefer to stay in an apartment, you can choose to share it, if you like, in order to amortize the costs, also considering that all notorious sights are well connected by public transport. In addition, in Rome you will find many opportunities to socialize and share and you certainly will certainly not be bored: music, cinema, theatre and sightseeing tours to the famous and to the less known areas of the city, because the city often hides many less known but still very fascinating sites.

Starting, however, by choosing a good school is the best way to proceed and to be sure to have entrusted one’s course of the study of Italian in the “right hands”. Is it not true that “a good beginning makes a good ending”? Precisely so!

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