10 places where to spend your nights in Rome

We spent the day studying italian, we put an effort into it, we worked hard and now a well deserved night off to relax awaits us.

What do we do? We go out? Rome is the perfect city to enjoy quiet rhythms while walking here and there in a charming and evocative context, but also to go around pubbing and clubbing, having fun and turning in late (even better if it’s a Friday or Saturday night and we have the entire morning to sleep without having to set the alarm). Where shall we go? Do you need some ideas?

Locali per ballare a roma

There can be many suggestions, but let us see 10 places where, after an aperitif or having been out for dinner, we could spend a happy evening with friends, listening to good music, dancing or enjoying a cocktail in the open air while having a chat. There is something for all tastes, from an elegant and sophisticated ambience to more easy and underground environments.

  1. Contestaccio (Via di Monte Testaccio 65): located on the monte dei cocci (mount of shards), this is a place where you can dine really well, drink a cocktail or a beer and listen to great live music bands that are emerging or already well-known.
  2. La saponeria (via degli Argonauti 20): located in the Ostiense district, this place is perfect for a night at the club where to dance to the best electronic music in the capital. It is a very trendy place in Roman nightlife, especially in winter.
  3. 45 giri (via Giuseppe Libetta 19): a very elegant disco-pub located in the Ostiense area, for an exclusive evening with music mixed by the best DJs.
  4. Lanificio (via Pietralata 159): a former industrial building, renovated and converted into a multipurpose space, charming and lately very hot in Roman nights. Here you can drink, have dinner and continue the evening dancing until late.
  5. Circolo degli artisti (via Casilina vecchia 42): practically an institution in the capital, frequented both in winter and in summer, due to the various possibilities that the place has to offer with its extensive outdoor garden, where one can relax with a drink or the inside areas, dedicated to live music concerts.
  6. Art café (viale del Galoppatoio 33): in the centre of Rome, between Via Veneto and Villa Borghese, this is one of the most exclusive and chic clubs of the city. Here dressing elegant is a must; I recommend it.
  7. fare serata a roma

  8. Black out rock club (via Casilina 713): completely different from the Art café, an underground club where to have fun dancing rock, indie, metal, electronics.
  9. Qube (via di Portonaccio 212): located in the Portonaccio district, it is one of the largest nightclubs in Rome with three levels that offer different types of music and themed evenings, depending on the days of the week (Muccassassina on Friday, any given Monday on Monday, Black on Saturday and various others).
  10. Micca club (via Pietro Micca 7): in the Esquilino area, offers an opportunity to see a burlesque show and try themed cocktails.
  11. Forte Fanfulla (via Fanfulla da Lodi 5): in the Pigneto area, it is a multi-purpose centre where to listen to music, play, socialize and eat in the new Fanfulla bistro.

Have you decided where to go?

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