Places in Rome’s historical centre that is best to avoid

Is Rome a safe city? The answer is undoubtedly yes.

Obviously, however, as in all big cities, it is important and normal to pay a little attention and to avoid just going around with naivety as if you were in a small village in the province, where everything goes by quietly and nothing ever happens.

Roma - Vaticano

Generally, especially during the day, you can walk peacefully almost everywhere in Rome but there are some places where, especially at night, you should pay a little ‘more attention and keep your eyes open to avoid getting into unpleasant situations.

The area of Termini, like every other city’s railway station for that matter, is somewhat more a risk due to the presence of a large number of people from many different places and therefore of potential pickpockets or robbers, who might take advantage perhaps of a moment of distraction and confusion.

If you really need to pass that way at night, it is best to look around, to avoid waiting for the bus for a long time alone and, if possible, call a taxi to return to your destination. Near Termini is the Esquilino neighbourhood, around Piazza Vittorio and up to Porta Maggiore: here too, in general, you can relax, but in the evening it is always best to avoid walking in poorly lit and crowded areas.

Another area where you have to pay some extra attention at night is Campo de’ Fiori, a beautiful place in the heart of the city and destination to many youngsters who go there to spend the evening, especially during summer, in the many cafes and outdoor pubs.

The risk here comes from the large number of people and alcohol, which sometimes flows copiously, lowering inhibitions and sometimes creating rather risky and chaotic situations, such as fights, where it is better to be careful. It is absolutely not an area to be avoided (plus the square is really beautiful!) but simply a place to go with some extra caution and prudence if it’s late at night.

Roma al tramonto

Near Campo de’ Fiori is Lungotevere, one of Rome’s long and very busy avenues during the day, which will practically turn in a freeway at night. Here too it is best to be cautious, both during the day, when it is very likely you will find yourself in the middle of the congested traffic, and at night, to avoid accidents, given the speed at which cars whoosh past. The area can also turn out to be a little dark in some parts, hidden by the many trees and here too it is better to keep your eyes open so as not to have your evening ruined.

Rome is certainly a peaceful city, certainly a bit chaotic but not especially risky, where you can serenely move around with just a little forethought to what surrounds you, and a little common sense, necessary to everyone who is staying in a large metropolis with many different people.

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