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You learn through traveling. What better occasion to explore new horizons, if not while studying a foreign language? Learning Italian while living for some time in Italy is undoubtedly a dynamic, effective and stimulating learning method.

To choose a school in the capital, in the very heart of Rome, means making a careful and optimal choice to live a new and unforgettable experience. Travelling within the city, taking up new challenges, discovering its alleys, the known and unknown sites, chatting with the locals, discovering traditions, habits, common sayings, coming into contact with the most authentic part of life in the city, is one of the best ways to learn a language.

studenti Romit al Colosseo

If we want to learn Italian, what more interesting idea is there than to come to Italy to learn how to speak it? If we love travelling, we could study the language in a school in Rome, stay for some time in the capital and then maybe take a tour in the many fascinating places of the surrounding area.

Italy is a country with a thousand faces and its landscapes vary from one side to the other. Mountains, sea, hills are all part of a unique extraordinary landscape. Why not take advantage and travel around the country, learning the language effectively and putting it into practice?

We often tend to think that studying a language inevitably means hours and hours of traditional teaching. This is true, but only up to a certain point. The theoretical part is absolutely essential and it represents a solid foundation that allows us later to use the language correctly and in different situations. Yet, there is so much more to understand, learn and discover beyond the pages of the textbook.

A very interesting question to start from would be: why do we want to learn Italian? The reasons may be various. We love the land and we are intrigued by it? In that case it will be important to include in our studies some travelling inputs, more cultural and landscaping aspects, which will allow the student to fully enjoy every moment of the study trip.

If we come to Italy to improve our knowledge of Italian because we use it also in our profession, it will be even more important to carry out in-depth studies and acquire the terminologies and the vocabulary appropriate in our professional field.

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Who does not like to travel? One of the clichés of this activity is, however, that we travel just to go on holiday. But what’s better than traveling while learning in a functional way the local language? Long gone are the days when we conceived a trip only as travelling to resorts and “pitching the tent” in the same place for several days.

Today we combine business with pleasure, taking advantage of the opportunities for active learning that such a choice entails. Travelling while learning a language is always a positive choice, perhaps, the best we can do to learn a language, but also to ensure that the acquired knowledge will remain imprinted within us, even emotionally, becoming yet another skill, which will make the difference even once back in our “Motherland”! Bon Voyage!

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