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You have thought about it many times. You would like to learn a foreign language and more specifically Italian. But, how to learn in a rapid and above all functional way? Reading textbooks may not be sufficient if later you will not have the chance to test your knowledge on the field.

In the case of a foreign language, it is also crucial to enter in contact with a whole series of aspects: syntactic, grammatical and also lexical, related to the applied function of a language. A language is a code of signs, words, whose nature tends to change over time and evolve with the country’s culture, often incorporating foreign words. The expression full immersion, together with other terms of foreign derivation used worldwide, proves it!

Never, therefore, as in the case of a language is it so essential to be constantly up-to-date, and to have the opportunity to learn through true full immersion that is not heavy and that is both effective and constructive.

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What is the point of learning a language if not to speak in that language? And if speech, a uniquely human ability, unites us all, it is also true that a language, as understood by a well-known linguist, the famous F. De Saussure, may appear like a rather complex system. In short, speech is universal, but how many languages are there in the world?

At the same time there are many places for learning and not all are “schools”. To be effective, the study of Italian must begin within a quiet and stimulating environment, led by individuals and professionals who are attentive to the needs of the individual student so that they may later be able to prove themselves in the outside world.

A good Italian language school is capable of capturing the needs of its students by creating ad hoc courses and by introducing them to the cultural events, the art and the literature that are part of the country’s life. If you are looking for the right place to learn Italian, the Romit School has long been a lively and dynamic environment, which will allow you to test yourself, sure of being in the right place! If, perhaps, you don’t have much time to organize your study trip or you don’t have the opportunity of staying in Italy for a long period of time, you should take a personalized course, which could meet your expectations regarding the Italian language.

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Rome is the Italian city par excellence, the symbol of an ancient land and at the same time open to confrontation with modernity, a place where history, culture, literature converge, just as fashion, gourmet flavours and beautiful landscapes. The study of a language is enriched by the possibility of experiencing its more concrete aspects, by learning the habits and traditions, the ways of living and thinking, in the place where one will reside for some time.

It is no coincidence that the school’s formula is ‘learning Italian by living it’. The Romit School team is particularly dedicated to what motivates its students to approach the study of Italian and to guide them in the learning process in an effective and comprehensive way, helping them if necessary even in the most practical and logistical aspects of their stay. In other words, advices never lack at Romit!

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