Intensive Italian Course

Our Intensive Courses are suitable for students of all skill levels – from beginners, who have never studied Italian, to intermediate students interested in improving their Italian language skills.

  • Classes meet Monday thru Friday
  • 9:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. (15 minute break)
  • Maximum of 8/10 students per class.

Intermediate and Advanced Level Intensive

A new class begins on every Monday of each month. Interested students will be given a short exam to determine their level of fluency.

Beginner Level Intensive

Classes start every two weeks. For information about start dates, please email us at

Our Approach

We teach Italian using a Situational-Communication approach. This means that we focus on grammar, reading comprehension, and writing skills with an emphasis on communication skills. Our method allows students to practice how to navigate everyday, real life situations (ordering in a restaurant, going to the market, asking directions, etc). Our teachers bring the language alive by exposing students to everyday vocabulary, terminology and vernacular of every day spoken Italian.

Conversation Skills

Our classes are taught by highly qualified, enthusiastic and friendly teachers who create a warm and welcoming classroom environment where students can practice their Italian language skills while feeling supported and encouraged and build confidence in their ability to speak the language.

Classes are always dynamic and fun as we aim to stimulate dialog through discussions of Italian as well as global cultural and social themes. We strive to engage students by offering stimulating and relevant subject matter during our discussions.

Extracurricular Activities – Experience Rome!

Romit invites all students to participate in our evenings out on the town! This is a great opportunity to practice your Italian! Students are invited to join us for an evening of conversation as we sip an apperitive or eat a delicious dinner in some of Rome most typical bars and restaurants. We also offer film screenings of Italian films with subtitles, and guided tours of Rome’s most fascinating neighborhoods  and most treasured historic sites with our very own resident history expert, Claudio Santoro (who is also one of our very talented instructors).

To know more about our activities, please visit After School

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  • Online classes!

    We all have to step back to stop the virus and restart. Scuola Romit will be closed for a few weeks, but luckily technology supports us! Scuola Romit is ready to give online classes. If you are interested, please write to Distant but united!