Erasmus in Rome: an exciting experience

The choice could have fallen on the Netherlands, on Spain, on England, on France, on Germany and many other countries, European and non. Very attractive and interesting destinations, each one for various reasons, but, in the end, you decided (or destiny did or the University’s secretariat) to come and do the Erasmus in Italy, in Rome. Excitement, euphoria, expectations, study plans that you should respect, but do not know if you will succeed in following, given the million things you plan to do and see. All this will follow you along on this adventure. An experience and a challenge that will last a few months and that will surely be a milestone in your life, unforgettable no matter what.

Vista su Roma

If you have seen the film “The Spanish apartment” (released in 2002 and directed by Cedric Klapisch) or heard the stories of friends who have already left, you have an idea of how stimulating and fulfilling this experience might be. Openness, friendliness, knowledge of the language (or at least of English), adaptability and the skill to change habits and learn from others are the needed requirements: Are you ready? Rome is a good choice and you will not regret it.

The first step – that should be taken with ease and attention – is to find an apartment to share with other students like you, who will be your fellow adventurers, who will support you and are likely to become a memorable part of your future life. The most popular districts where to find an apartment are San Lorenzo, Piazza Bologna, Pigneto, Ostiense, Tor Vergata, dpending also on the university you will refer to.

Familiarizing with the university is in fact another key step to take in order to live a positive and peaceful Erasmus experience. The challenge may reveal not to be so easy, considering the chaos that reigns in some degree courses, but then again adaptability was one of the basic requirements, was it not?

A good tip would be to have an ESN card, the oldest Erasmus association in Rome, active since 1993, which allows you to enjoy many events and services organized for Erasmus students in the capital. Fun parties, trips to nearby towns, cocktail evenings, movie forums, sports, cultural activities of various kinds will allow you to socialize, make new acquaintances with people of different nationalities, settle in, discover new things and expand your horizons; one of the fundamental objectives of Erasmus, here in Rome or, actually, everywhere else as well.

What to do if you are in Rome as an Erasmus student, besides studying? The list is really long and goes from art, to architecture, to food, to various kinds of events, to parks and even the nearby sea (where you will obviously take your exam books!). From St. Peter’s to the Sixtin Chapel, from the Janiculum to the Pincio, from the charming views of the Appian Way to the romantic bridges over the Tiber , as well as the gelatos and the pizza feasts, the eternal city will stay in your heart.

Enjoy your Erasmus!


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