Eating on the street in Rome: pizza by the slice

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You are wandering around and suddenly you feel a little hungry, a desire to eat something that does not go away, or you are on your lunch break between classes and there is not enough time to go home or to a restaurant. What to do? You have many solutions, some of which are also international: a kebab, a Chinese or Indian takeaway, a sandwich at the bar or in a sandwich shop, a plate of cold pasta or a classic slice of pizza.

What’s better in fact than a pizza by the slice? In Rome, there is always one to be found, there are lots of stores, usually small and at every corner, which you have probably already noticed walking around the city. It is an all-Italian peculiarity (and typically Roman) that offers many delicacies. Pizza pans of various types from the classic Margherita up to a thousand variations you can buy in portions and in whatever size you prefer, or (and also!) potato croquettes, supplì, arancini, calzoni. How could you possibly resist? Your mouth is already watering, right?

pizza al taglio

Some of you may be wondering what is actually a supplì. It is a typical dish of the Roman cuisine, usually eaten with a pizza and a beer, or it can be served as a starter in a pizzeria with other fried dishes. A Supplì is an oval shaped rice ball dressed with tomato sauce (seasoned with meat sauce), crispy and golden on the outside and with melted mozzarella on the inside. A real treat that you can eat virtually only in Rome! Have you already tried them? Do not confuse them with the arancini, which are a Sicilian specialty seasoned in different ways, or with the croquettes that are strictly made of potatoes.

Shall we talk about the calzone? It is another specialty that you can find at a pizzeria, although not typically Roman but originally from the Neapolitan or the Pugliese cuisine. It is a closed and stuffed crescent-shaped pizza filled with ricotta, cured meats, mozzarella, ham and tomatoes. It is oven-baked and made in many variations, all of which delicious. You have to taste a calzone during your stay in Rome! As you have probably figured out however, delicacies are not in shortage.

Would do you think of pizza by the slice? What do you prefer eating on the street?

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