Discovering rione Monti

The historical centre of Rome is divided into “rioni”. The first “rione” is Monti, where Romit school is.
Monti means “mountains”: long time ago it included the Esquilino, Viminale, part of the Quirinale and Celio hills. It’s one of the most ancient neighborhoods in Rome and it gives testimonies from the Roman, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque age: almost 3000 years of history!
Walking through the typical narrow streets, as well as breathing history, today it’s enjoyable to stop in the various artisanal workshops and art galleries. By night, the neighborhood is full of people, in the little squares and in restaurants, bars and pubs.
The streets of this neighborhood have curious names. For instance, via del Boschetto is called this way (“boschetto” means “little wood”) because in the 15th century the street was covered by vineyards, gardens and a little elms plantation. Via Panisperna owes its name probably to the S. Lorenzo in Panisperna monks: in the commemoration day of their Saint, they supplied to poor people “panis” (latin for “bread”) and “perna” (latin for “prosciutto”, cured ham).

As in many old streets of Rome, also in via del Boschetto the street numbers are not divided between odd and even (on the left and right side of the street), but they are put in gradual succession!

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