The musicality of the Italian language

Maria Callas

We often here say, especially by foreigners, that Italian is characterized by an innate musicality that makes this language wonderfully pleasant to listen to. Many argue that our language sounds almost like a song and proves likeable and gentle. They are, of course, judgments that often stem from personal taste and are very difficult to evaluate on an objective basis. Opinions regarding the Italian language in the history of European and foreign culture are, in fact, too many to count: […]


Where do young Romans go to have fun?

Studenti Romit

Rome is a multi-coloured city, full of opportunities and offers fun for all tastes. You are saying? There are too many choices and you do not know what to do, where to start and where to go to find some nightlife? Ok, let us try to understand how young Romans entertain themselves. First of all, we must say that in Rome time is very elastic and dilated, so evenings begin very calmly, you meet after dinner and begin to analyse […]


10 places where to spend your nights in Rome

fare serata a roma

We spent the day studying italian, we put an effort into it, we worked hard and now a well deserved night off to relax awaits us. What do we do? We go out? Rome is the perfect city to enjoy quiet rhythms while walking here and there in a charming and evocative context, but also to go around pubbing and clubbing, having fun and turning in late (even better if it’s a Friday or Saturday night and we have the […]


The districts of Rome


Since the days of the Roman Empire, the capitol city has been divided by the authorities in different areas – known in Latin as regiones – that over time have increased in number, thus following the city’s expansion. This happened on a regular basis until 1921, when a total of 22 different districts were defined. As one can guess, the very term “district” comes from the Latin original epithet, of which it is a vulgarization. Each district has its own […]


Games and nursery rhymes to learn Italian while having fun


It is ever easier to learn Italian by nourishing ones creativity, enjoying oneself and putting oneself to the test, but with that light-hearted spirit for learning, which at times is useful to meet life’s challenges! From enigmatography to quizzes, to nursery rhymes, which, thanks to their phonetic features help memorize, many are the tools available to the student getting ready to learn a foreign language. The study of Italian includes also moments of play. When studying Italian, a series of […]


Six memorable piazzas to see in Rome

Piazza del Popolo

The square: every town’s gathering place par excellence, always the beating heart of social life and a historical nucleus towards which all the main streets of the city converge with their buildings. If there is an Italian city rich with spaces of this kind, striking and characteristic squares, well that would be the Eternal City, Rome. Piazza del Popolo is certainly among the most beautiful squares of the city. In ancient times, the famous Porta del Popolo, formerly called Porta […]


Italian and Roman dialect

While walking through the city, hanging out in bars and restaurants, shopping at the supermarket, talking to people, you will have surely noticed how standard Italian in Rome is accompanied by the Roman dialect very frequently. Essentially, everyone, sooner or later, will let a few words in “Roman” slip out! If you are already getting to know Italian quite well, you will probably understand most of the words that are said or, at least, you will have a pretty good […]


The Caelian, the hill near Monti and the Coliseum

Stemma del Celio - Roma

The so-called Caelian is the nineteenth district of Rome, as well as one of the seven hills on which stands the Eternal City. Every manual of Roman history will punctually report the list of the famous seven hills over which the city developed from a native settlement. Aventine, Capitoline, Caelian, Esquiline, Palatine, Quirinal, Viminal are precisely the names of all the hills, as specified even by Plutarch and Cicero. Regarding the Caelian, we know that originally it was known as […]


Dear Romulus I write to you: open letter to the founder of Rome

Dear Romulus, founder of a city originated from nothing, which has over the years become great, rich in history and charm, full of wonders, chaotic, sometimes difficult and problematic, stressful but also warm, bright and welcoming. Thank you. Thank you for having had 2768 years ago (yes, soon it will be Rome’s birthday) the idea and the determination to found what would become one of the most important cities in the world for its history and culture; a city that […]


Is Rome is the city of love?

audrey hepburn - Bocca della verità

The anagram of Roma (Rome) is Amor (Love). Is it just a coincidence or Rome has a destiny in its name? Certainly, so far, Paris, the Ville Lumière, the romantic city par excellence, has always held on tightly to the title of the city of love, where feelings bloom just like that and where couples in love can get lost in a romantic experience among picturesque neighbourhoods, bridges and the Tour Eiffel. Rome, despite its undeniable charm and some of […]


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