“Ci prendiamo un caffè?”. This is a phrase you’ll hear a lot in Italy. Here coffee is a real institution, a social occasion and an excuse for meeting up At home we prepare it with the moka. In the bars we have plenty of choice. Everyone has their own way of drinking coffee: you can choose from macchiato caldo (topped with hot milk), macchiato freddo (topped with cold milk), al vetro (in a glass coffee cup) or corretto (usually with […]


Discovering rione Monti

Simbolo del Rione Monti

The historical centre of Rome is divided into “rioni”. The first “rione” is Monti, where Romit school is. Monti means “mountains”: long time ago it included the Esquilino, Viminale, part of the Quirinale and Celio hills. It’s one of the most ancient neighborhoods in Rome and it gives testimonies from the Roman, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque age: almost 3000 years of history! Walking through the typical narrow streets, as well as breathing history, today it’s enjoyable to stop in the […]


Let’s Tandem!


A new collaboration between Scuola Romit and the cultural association Amaita is born! Over the last few years, Amaita has been organising meeting events between Italians and foreigners; among these, the linguistic tandem. This event has achieved a growing success and it has become a recurring date for many people. When you join the tandem, you gain the possibility to speak and improve the language of your conversation partner:  a real linguistic and intercultural exchange!   Depending on the language spoken […]



On Friday the 14th we made a big party for the official opening of Scuola Romit! It’s been a wonderful night: many Italian and foreign friends came to visit our school. We want to thank who took part at this event showing satisfaction and enthusiasm! We also thank people who couldn’t come over but sent encouraging messages on Facebook, Skype, Twitter and emails and text messages! Have a look at the pictures of the event on the Scuola Romit Facebook […]


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  • New beginner course from October 21st

    A new intensive course for beginners is starting on the 21st of October. It will be from Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 12:45pm. For any information please write to A presto!



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