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The Social Program at Scuola ROMIT

You are in Rome – it’s time to explore! ROMIT offers an extensive program of social activities to help you discover and live the Eternal City. Practice the Italian language that you learn in class and take part in Italian cultural traditions and habits!

ROMIT provides meeting opportunities for visitors and Italians. Here, we get to know each other better and discover new things about each other’s countries. We believe this is key to all good social activities: joining together to share life experiences from all over the world! Do you know any better way to practice your Italian?

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Partnership with Amaita cultural association

Scuola Romit, in partnership with Amaita, organizes regular social events in Rome. Amaita is an association formed to encourage understanding and the sharing of ideas between people of different cultures. One of these events, referred to as tandem, is growing in popularity. Italians and visitors to the city meet on Mondays for the Italian aperitivo (happy hour) and chat in many different languages, while eating some tasty Italian food, sipping Italian wine and enjoying craft beers.

Discover Italian art and history with Scuola ROMIT

ROMIT offers guided tours of the city to all our students. Discover the artistic and architectural sights of Rome, with its hidden treasures; or those more interested in history and everyday life can join guided tours through little known neighborhoods.

Scuola ROMIT – dinners, wine tastings, theatre visits and more!

Rome is not only a city to see, but also to taste. We organize dinners, aperitivi and wine tastings every week! Also, if you’d like to show us the typical dishes of your country, we will be happy to arrange international dinners – having fun and learning new things!

ROMIT organizes a cineforum of Italian movies, theatre and opera events, and karaoke nights. We can also recommend the best places to practice your hobbies and interests.

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    We all have to step back to stop the virus and restart. Scuola Romit will be closed for a few weeks, but luckily technology supports us! Scuola Romit is ready to give online classes. If you are interested, please write to Distant but united!